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Nartut / Females
Brighter`s Queen Berry, "Dolly"
(Siimline`s Texas Ranger - FI TR CH Brighter`s I Believe)
Brighter`s Umaya, "Saga"
(Brighter`s Jet Set - Brighter`s Marshmallow)
Saga 2021.jpg
Åsa 2v..jpg
Brighter`s Åminnelse, "Stella"
(FI CH October`s Mario - Brighter`s TitBit)

Stella (3).jpg
Stella 2021.jpg
Brighter`s Forever and Ever, "Måna"
(Strongline`s Old MacDonald - Brighter`s Sealed with a Kiss)
Måna 1v.jpg
Måna kasvot 5kk.jpg
Brighter`s Gimme Gimme, "Rosa"
( Brighter`s Jet Set - Brighter`s Åminnelse)
Rosa talvi 23.jpg
Rosa 1.jpg
Brighter`s Elegant Eloise, "Elle"
(FI CH EE CH W-19 Oktober`s Nanook of The North - Brighter`s Versace Vania)

Elle 3.jpg
Brighter`s Jambalaya, "Dori"
(Brighter`s Big Spender - Brighter`s Östrid)
Dori talvi 23.jpg
Brighter`s Imagine, "Lilli"
( FI MVA Nipntuck Get in Line - Brighter`s Xena)
Lilli 3.jpg
Brighter`s Her Royal Highness Angel, "Mickan"
(AM GCH FI CH Nipuntuck Blame It On Fame - Brighter`s Queen Berry)
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