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Pentueet / Litters
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O2 - Waterline`s Floyd - Brighter`s Forever and Ever
N2 - Gallivant Cadillac Bella Mare - Brighter`s Gimme Gimme
 L2 - Perfect Sweet Dream Haribo Bear - Brighter`s De Luxe
M2 - FI MVA Mirilkan Never Know Where The Devil Is -  Brighter`s Åminnelse
K2  - Brighter`s Bijou - Brighter`s Åminnelse
J2 - Brighter`s Big Spender - Brighter`s Östrid
I2 - FI MVA Nipntuck Get in Line - Brighter`s Xena
H2 - AM CH FI CH Nipntuck Blame It On Fame - Brighter`s Queen Berry
G2 - Brighter`s Jet Set - Brighter`s Åminnelse
F2 - Strongline`s Old MacDonald - Brighter`s Sealed with a Kiss
E2 - FI MVA EE MVA V-19 October`s Nanook of The North - Brighter`s Versace Vania
D2 - FI MVA SE MVA(N) FI JVA PMJV-17  Fiin Pakkanen - Brighter`s Umaya
C2 - SE (u)CH Windleaf Disco - Brighter`s Queen Berry
B2 - FI MVA SE MVA(N) FI JVA Strongline`s Rosco - Brighter`s She is the One
A2 - Strongline`s Cross-Country - Brighter`s Ob-La-Da
Ö - Flaming Volcano z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury - Brighter`s Umaya
Ä- Waterline`s House Blend - Brighter`s Queen Berry
Å- FI CH October`s Mario - Brighter`s TitBit
Z- FI CH Strongline`s Money for Nothing - Brighter`s Novelle
 Y- Waterline`s House Blend- Brighter`s Queen of Texas
X- RM Ch RU Ch BY Ch GE Ch AZ  CH AZ GR CH Richbourne Mc Dougal - Brighter`s Novelle
W- Carpenny Leonard - Brighter`s Ob-La-Da
V- Brighter`s Jack Daniels - Brighter`s Muffin
U- Brighter`s Jet Set - Brighter`s Marshmallow
T - Mambrinos Balck Cap - Brighter`s Princess Dodiva
S - FI CH Neptune`s Legacy King Kong - Brighter`s Juicy Couture
R - FI CH Naiken Xavier - FI TR CH Brighter`s I Believe
Q - Siimline`s Texas Ranger - FI TR CH Brighter`s I Believe
P- Chablais Overseas Treasure - Brighter`s I Do
O - C.I.B DE J CH DE J CH (VDH) EUJGSG JCH-11 A Sense of Pleasure`s I´am A Joker - Brighter`s Happy Balloon
N- FI CH EE CH Adventurer`s Erasén Rewind - Brighter`s Divina Commedia
M- Fi CH EE CH Lenches Wordsworth - Brighter`s Gossip Girl
L- C.I.B. FI CH EE CH Adventurer`s U-Reckon - Brighter`s Honeysuckle
K- US CH Sandyland`s Aim To Please - Brighter`s Foxy Lady
JC.I.B FIN CH EE CH V-06 LTV-08 Follies Mon Oncle - Brighter`s Divina Commedia
I - C.I.B FI  CH FI TR CH EE CH Lucky My Angel Touch - Brighter`s Emphatic Edwina
H - AU CH Mallorn`s Aint Mizbehavin - Brighter`s Divina Commedia
G- FI CH Follies Trovatore - Brighter`s Dolce Gabanna
FC.I.B FIN CH EE CH V-06 LTV-08 Follies Mon Oncle - Brighter`s Black Magic
E - FI CH Upwards Goodwill Gunnar - FI TR CH Brighter`s Balck Label
D - FI CH Loresho Liberty - Brighter`s Black Magic
CC.I.B FIN CH EE CH RU CH LT CH BY CH MVV-14 Follies Imperial Eagle - Brighter`s Black Label
B- Danjacs Finnegan - Madelief`s Fia
A- Rosanan Ace in the Hole - Madelief`s Fia
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